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Preview of sparX Fitness Class – mind, body, spirit


What is SparX?

SparXSM is a holistic fitness training program that combines science, psychology and warrior training (martial arts) to help people of all fitness levels achieve a balance between physical and mental health.

You’ll feel powerful, confident, energized and yet relaxed. It’s not about what you can currently do physically; it’s about how you feel while moving and breathing, and the lasting benefits you take with you after.

You will develop awareness and control of your power, energy, explosiveness and motivation. The mindfulness component reduces the impact of fear, stress, pressure, anger and other negative emotions, redirecting that energy towards positive outcomes. You’ll feel more comfortable with your inner self, building confidence and projecting outward strength.

SparX gives you that extra edge, resilience and grit to push harder, dig deeper and feel better by syncing together your body and mind to unleash that primal force of nature that exists deep within each of us.

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A world without violence and hatred built upon a strong foundation of humans who value self-refinement and community


Improving society one human at a time by helping people develop inner strength, good physical and mental health, compassion, benevolence, resilience, confidence, awareness, motivation, and ultimately contentment

Recent Customer Reviews

Amazing how I always feel after SparX! So relaxed yet powerful. Thanks Alex 


I really enjoy the kinetics of this workout program. It gives me more confidence in control of my own movements. I haven’t seen anything else that does that


I’m a 54 year-old engineer with a busy schedule and since participating in SparX, I have augmented my regular exercise regime to include some of the many gems I was able to take away from the sessions. If you are looking to change how you approach exercise, I recommend that you sign up for any upcoming opportunity with Alex – you’ll be happy you did


As someone new to these concepts and techniques, I enjoyed that SparX is designed so that all ability levels can access the class material and fully participate. Alex provides clear instruction, with positive encouragement and a growth mindset, that I appreciate. SparX blends mental and physical wellness, which I believe with continued practice will help my overall well-being.





  • You feel healthier, with rapid gains in coordination, dexterity, body awareness, flexibility, strength, explosiveness, speed and balance
  • Increase your calorie burning capacity, exercise efficiency and sports performance
  • Learn transferable skills that can be used in any physical situation
  • Generate power and explosiveness when you need it



  • Coordinating the brain, nervous system and muscles to work together more efficiently and effectively
  • Learn to stay calm in stressful situations, or calmly but relentlessly achieve your goals
  • Get comfortable with yourself and develop emotional resilience
  • Conquer mental blocks, unlock your true potential
  • Benefit your physical and mental health together




  • Feel unstoppable – crush and blast through obstacles and challenges
  • Develop ‘grit’ and learn to dig deep within yourself to keep motivated and improve every day
  • Reduce stress, fear, anxiety, anger, and frustration and channel that energy for positive outcomes
  • Always remain in control, nothing can get you down!


Online Classes

  • Online via Zoom video
  • Get fit at home
  • Monthly $79.99
  • Month to month, no contract
  • Mon 7pm, Wed 6:30pm EST
  • 1 hour each session, LIVE
  • Full refund after first class upon request – trial period

Athletic training

  • Sports or athletic teams / clubs
  • Schedule and duration flexible
  • Recommend weekly / 3 months
  • Classes at your location
  • Option to customize exercises for your sport / activity
  • Trial class $10 per person, min 5 
  • From $1199 for a 3 month group program

group classes

  • Corporate / employee programs
  • Schools, rec centres, gyms
  • Recommend weekly / 3 months
  • Classes at your location
  • Trial class $10 per person, min 5
  • From $1199 for a 3 month group program

personal training

  • Families and individuals
  • At your home or location
  • Efficient, effective workouts
  • Burns more calories
  • Physical and mental health benefits
  • Elite-level training
  • From $80/session

Professional Coaching

  • Business Exec, Team, Leadership
  • Personal, career, skills
  • Confidence, conflict management
  • Change management
  • Health / wellness
  • Financial / wealth creation
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Customized coaching plans

Contact Us

Send us an e-mail using the form below to inquire about a SparX fitness training program specific to you, your team, sport or athletic organization

All classes and demos require participants to read and sign the waiver

  • Book a trial class
  • Discuss pricing, program details, customization
  • Inquire about personal training plans

*COVID-19 notice: there will be no in-person classes until it is deemed safe to do so. We are taking bookings and orders for the fall starting in September, subject to reopening plans and health guidelines. Health is our primary concern.