SparXSM Fitness Training offers a holistic, mindful approach to fitness while achieving rapid and efficient physical results

It combines ancient traditional martial arts concepts, mindfulness, interval training and dynamic tension

You’ll gain a huge boost in energy, feel strong and powerful, less anxious and stressed and burn tons of calories



  • Massive calorie burn
  • Cardio / interval workout
  • Balance, stability, coordination
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Feel awesome!


Elite training for you and your family

a personal touch towards mindful fitness

It’s not only how you look – it’s how you feel. SparX sort of makes you feel like a superhero (from the inside out). You get this feeling like lightning channeling through your body, giving you strength, speed and power. Feeling happy and being comfortable with who you are requires you to look deep inside and understand what’s there, rather than try to be who other people think you should be. You might even stop caring so much about how you look on the outside.

Let me help you get on the path towards discovering your own personal superpowers.


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