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  1. What does the name SparXSM mean?

    SparX (Spar-X or Spar Ex) can mean different things depending on how you look at it. Having one meaning locks you to a specific viewpoint and it’s beneficial to explore different interpretations which stimulates discussion. Spar comes from sparring or fighting. The X could represent cross training, the ‘X’ factor (your personal spirit), ‘extreme’, ‘explosive’, it could represent a person ‘sparring’ with him or herself to overcome their challenges, or it could be a cross out implying we are taking the violence out of the fight and redirecting that energy. What do you think it means?

  2. Do you offer online classes?

    If you would like to schedule group online classes please contact us to discuss. During COVID-19, online classes can be delivered via Zoom. Some components of the SparX program, such as partner exercises would not be available online. 

  3. Do you have a physical location where I can attend classes?

    At this time we are only booking SparX lessons in blocks of time and sending trainers to your location, or delivering online group training. If you are interested in attending classes at our location please send us an e-mail using the contact us button to the left and we’ll notify you when we offer this. 

  4. Is SparX only for athletes?

    SparX will benefit anyone if incorporated as part of their fitness schedule and it works well combined with other kinds of exercise. The same benefits are very helpful for athletes because it helps them gain additional explosiveness, motivation, and mental toughness / grit. 

  5. Is it mostly cardio? What about strength / resistance?

    SparX has a similar feel to cardio kickboxing, except there are components of deep breathing, dynamic tension (resistance), and static / isometric exercise. There is also a focus on balance, stability and muscle control. This is contrasted with speed, power and explosiveness (interval training) for a very unique workout. It also challenges your mind too!

  6. Is it low impact?

    There isn’t much jumping, but there is hard, rapid punching and kicking. You can always modify and adapt exercises to suit your physical capabilities. There is a slow, powerful low impact portion of SparX that would offer a lot of benefit on it’s own.

  7. Do I need equipment?

    No equipment is required other than water, towel, a mat is optional, and a space large enough to move around comfortably free of obstacles (large enough to accommodate your group size).

  8. Shoes or no shoes?

    That’s up to you. Martial artists usually don’t wear shoes when practicing. You’ll be more connected to the ground to help you feel how your feet interact with and push against it, improving your balance. If you are training for a sport and wear shoes when doing that sport, you should wear shoes for SparX.

  9. Do you offer personal training services?

    Yes! We’re happy to talk to you about options for personal training for you or your family. Contact us using the button on the left.

  10. How often do I need to do SparX workouts?

    The minimum recommendation is once per week for three months, or 12 sessions to start to see good benefit from it. You could do it up to three times a week if it’s your main exercise routine. SparX is something you’ll continue to get better and better at, and get more and more benefit from the longer you do it. You shouldn’t overdo it – it’s best to have a balanced exercise schedule and try different things. 

  11. Are there different difficulty levels?

    Absolutely! There are so many different moves and combinations to create different skill level workouts. One other factor that affects difficulty is how hard you push yourself and how intensely you perform the moves. A beginner level workout can be made very difficult and intense just by how you perform it. SparX will teach you this skill.

  12. How much does it cost?

    Fees for group classes will be based on factors such as class size, frequency and duration of the term and location. A trial class is $10/person (minimum 5). Please contact us to discuss details of group or personal training rates.