Group training options

A SparXSM trainer will run training sessions at your location with flexible schedules and program duration. In order to see sustained benefits from SparX fitness training, we recommend a minimum of one session per week for 3 months, or 12 sessions. Customization of the exercises is possible to meet your specific needs.


An open space where participants can move around freely is required. No equipment is needed. Some exercises require a partner and it is highly recommended to encourage participants to work together. Adaptations can be made if this is not possible.


Participants can expect to burn tons of calories, engage and strengthen muscles throughout most of their body, and get a good cardio / interval training workout. Mindful fitness will help them become more aware of their body, movements, balance, and coordination. They will be able to channel and control their energy to improve explosiveness, strength, power and speed. They will also develop mental resilience, toughness and grit to overcome performance anxiety, stress, anger, frustration etc.

athletes and sports

SparX is well-suited to augment an athlete’s training regimen by complementing the purely physical training with mental resilience, toughness and grit.

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Corporate / employee

SparX has stress-busting properties that will certainly improve the morale and functioning of teams in a work setting.

It will also help employees gain an understanding of their own emotional state and appreciate others’ individual struggles, leading to improved empathy and a more cohesive team dynamic.

Gym, rec centre, school or private

SparX is a brand new take on exercise, borrowing lessons from ancient martial arts training, meditation and mindfulness. 

For any fitness group, SparX offers a holistic, mindful approach to fitness while achieving rapid and efficient physical results as well.