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feel energized, confident, powerful

Build inner and outer strength

Massive calorie burn

Real martial arts techniques

Holistic mind, body, spirit

Crush your goals and dreams

What and Why

SparX is a new specialized fitness and wellness program rooted in science, psychology, and warrior training (martial arts).

You’ll feel powerful, confident, energized and yet relaxed. It’s not about what you can currently do physically; it’s about how you feel while moving and breathing, and the lasting benefits you take with you after.

Physical benefits (body)

  • You’ll feel healthier, with rapid gains in coordination, dexterity, body awareness, flexibility, strength, explosiveness, speed and balance
  • Increase your calorie burning capacity, exercise efficiency and sports performance
  • Connect your mind, body and energy to discover what having true inner strength feels like

Mental benefits (mind, spirit)

  • Feel unstoppable – crush and blast through obstacles and challenges
  • Learn to stay calm in stressful situations, or calmly but relentlessly achieve your goals
  • Feel confident and in control. Conquer fears and self-doubt. Unlock your true potential

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*signed waiver required for participation

*no contract, month to month

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What is the workout like?

The video on the home page previews some of the kinds of movements you can expect. Don’t worry – not everyone can achieve movements and flexibility like that right away and that’s OK. The goal is to measure yourself against your own baseline, and improve little by little (actually you’ll probably improve quickly!). There are always ways to adapt for everyone’s unique ability.

Some people describe it as a mix of cardio kickboxing, yoga, HIIT, bodyweight strength training plus ‘something else’. They say it makes them feel powerful and yet very relaxed and calm. 

The workouts contain the following: punching, kicking and blocking; breathing techniques to generate energy and connect the mind and body; learning to command and control your mind, body and energy (spirit); dynamic muscle tension, explosive movements, slow dynamic movements, unique visualizations, mindfulness, and a bit of philosophy.


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SparX 1 hour class on zoom

7:00pm EST




Sparx 1 hour class on zoom

6:30pm EST