Fitness from Martial Arts and Mindfulness

The perfect combination for optimal health

Not everyone can commit the time and energy to train in traditional martial arts for decades like I have. Nor do they like the idea of the rough, fighting nature of it. But through my journey I’ve discovered that there are real and amazing benefits from training martial arts that people can use to improve their fitness, health and well being that extends well beyond the exercise class. You don’t need a black belt, white uniform or to fight other people to achieve this. Best of all, you can take these skills with you anywhere!

SparXSM is a combination of intense exercise, dynamic tension, breathing, introspection, self-awareness and exploring deep aspects of human nature. I want to help people benefit as I have, achieving their fitness, wellness and athletic goals. SparX burns more calories faster and more efficiently than traditional exercise, without the use of equipment. It improves mental toughness, grit and agility which allow you a greater level of control over your emotions. It improves your motivation, strength, speed and power. 

What’s the big secret?

The body and mind work together, and by strengthening the connection between them and removing ‘mental barriers’ you’ll be able to improve your coordination, strength, speed, power and explosiveness. The secrets are found in martial arts because it was evolved as a means of fighting and war – where you had to be both strong and have a sharp mind to survive.

I don’t believe in fighting and violence, but by carefully studying fighting and it’s origins I’ve found ways to apply those lessons towards peaceful and positive outcomes.

You may have heard of ‘chi’ or ‘qi’ energy – some mystical force that flows through your body giving you superpowers. I am a scientist, and I can tell you that in my opinion this kind of energy actually exists, but it’s not mystical. If you get your body and your mind ‘in tune’ through certain exercises, breathing and concentration, then ‘magical’ things can start to happen. You feel faster, more coordinated, stronger, more powerful, confident etc. The brain is an amazing organ and it’s important to exercise it as much as the rest of your body.

Where does mindfulness fit in?

Fighting is something humans know innately from birth – but few of us actually truly understand how this basic human nature shapes and controls our lives. Emotions like fear, anger, frustration can drive our behaviour, and cause stress and anxiety or loss of emotional control.

The first step to defeating or controlling these negative emotions is to look inside yourself, and understand the nature of what is inside you. Let it out – experience it, get comfortable with it and eventually be able to control it. Society often teaches us to bury, ignore, suppress or otherwise put on a face that is expected of us. This persona is at odds with who you are inside and that contributes to these stresses.

SparX mindful fitness exercises and breathing techniques will help you overcome some of these negative effects. You can’t overcome something you don’t understand first.

Get into a refinement mindset

I always strive to be a little better each and every day. I try to learn something new, do some self reflection, or make a small improvement or change. There is no competition in SparX – the only competition is with yourself. Success is measured by moving forward, at whatever pace you are comfortable with.

SparX will challenge you, and push you to your individual limit. You will learn to create your own motivation, and intensity rather than relying on external motivation. You learn to be fully in control at all times. You can’t lose so long as you don’t give up! Never compare yourself to someone else, just do a little better and push a little harder each day. 

The biggest test is if you can get up and do a workout even if that’s the last thing you feel like doing. Forcing yourself into action will train your brain to be more resilient and less likely to succumb to any one of a million excuses you could come up with to avoid pushing yourself that day. 

Get started now! Contact us and take control of your life.