For Emerson, bullying started early; around JK with teasing and generic name calling. He thinks it’s very important that schools should be teaching kids at a young age fundamentals about how to manage and understand their emotions. These are building blocks that he sees just as important as learning the ABCs or how to count to 10. He thinks that if kids can be taught to be more understanding and are better able to manage their own emotions, perhaps bullying wouldn’t be able to gain as strong a foothold, especially when kids are this young.

Ms. J is a mother of two kids, one of which had recently been involved in a terrible group assault at school. While this situation would be extremely upsetting for any parent, Ms. J has a really insightful way of looking at it which has helped both herself and her son get through the ordeal. With a background in sociology, she really seems to understand many of the underlying factors that played a role in the behaviour of everyone involved.