As you may know, I am a third degree black belt in Goju-ryu karate, and have been involved with traditional martial arts for much of my life. It’s actually the same style of karate from the show Cobra Kai. This is a two part episode. In part 1 I tell personal stories  about how martial arts helped me heal from trauma caused by bullying, what the main benefits were and what the whole experience was like. In part 2, my friend Mr. Harris Shahdin comments on his journey from student to martial arts teacher, and his unique methods for teaching kids.

Jessica was a bully for much of her childhood, intimidating other kids into giving her what she wanted and using fear to exert power and control over her life. Behind the scenes, Jessica struggled with many things – a poor home life, substance abuse, contemplated suicide at a young age. Today she is a huge advocate of kindness, compassion, benevolence and helping kids be the best versions of themselves. Listen to her story to learn how she found the strength to change who she was and how she chose to live her life. Listen to her insights on bullying and how it can be prevented and addressed.