Claudine is passionate about social work and mental health. She spent time working for a non-profit to help support new immigrants transition into Canadian life. She has also spent time with at-risk youth and the homeless population over the last 15 years. She worked to help them overcome various challenges in hopes of stabilizing their situation or the situation of their family unit. There are often mental health challenges, and issues with general family breakdown. They are seeking help figuring out how to fit in and determining their place in society.

Sheila was raised in England in the 1960s by her grandparents, aunts and uncles. Her mother was on her own and didn’t think she could handle raising her daughter. However, after four years her mother was working, married and wanted to take her daughter back. Being a very happy four year old, Sheila was terrified about ripped away from the only home and family she knew. She was forced to move to a distant city with her mother who she never knew and a strange man. When her mother was away at work, the step-father turned into a monster. The abuse went on day after day for about a year – verbal, physical, emotional and sexual.