It’s not that the world needs yet ANOTHER fitness system or program. There are a lot of great ones out there for everyone. What I think the world needs is a fitness program that improves people beyond just the physical. Even beyond the typical other benefits regular exercise has to offer. I think traditional martial arts holds some of these secrets, but not a lot of people necessarily want to spend years studying martial arts philosophy (although I highly recommend it).

A common cause to society’s problems

Look at the news and the world today and we see a number of problems. There’s violence, racism, bullying, exploitation, misinformation, scams, stress, anxiety, mental health issues, fear, anger. Negative emotions experienced by some people can lead to negative actions. Fear and anger drive irrational and destructive behaviour. Yet we all experience these emotions sometimes. 

How well do you understand what makes you tick?

The most powerful thing anyone has is their ability to make decisions. Making good decisions requires us to have complete control over where our attention lies. However, sometimes if we aren’t careful we let other things or people influence and control our attention, and those decisions. Negative emotions for example. Trouble starts when our decisions lead directly to a negative outcome for another person. Suddenly, they start feeling these emotions and we get a chain reaction. This is an internal conflict everyone has which is with us since birth.


Conflict is part of us, and is a sort of fighting nature that we needed in order to survive thousands of years ago. But, have you ever actually thought about where that comes from, where it lives within you, or how it affects your life and the lives of people around you? That’s where SparX and mindful fitness comes in. This phenomenon is physical by nature, and requires physical practice to understand it better. Then, you can start to gain control of it and use it for good! 

Tear down the walls

Walls and conflict go hand in hand. As a self-defense mechanism many people erect emotional walls or barriers to protect their vulnerabilities against the pressures of society. This causes stress, as these walls separate a person from who they truly are inside causing them to become more reserved or behave in unnatural ways with respect to their true nature.

Happiness and freedom come from experiencing who you are and being in touch with that which is inside us. In order to achieve this, we need to become vulnerable. SparX helps us practice letting our guard down, becoming vulnerable and feeling more free. This ultimately reduces stress and anxiety and improves confidence.

What are these SparX skills used for?

The skills developed through the SparX fitness training

program are portable – they are life skills you can take anywhere and everywhere. They can be applied when you play sports, do other exercise programs, or even when you’re stressed, or dealing with a difficult person at work. 

Example 1

Whether you are weight lifting, racing, jumping, or any other athletic endeavor there are times when you need an extra burst of speed, explosiveness or energy. By waking up that primal force of conflict and fighting deep within yourself, you can push a bit harder than you could otherwise. This is the same place that energy comes from when you go into ‘fight or flight’ mode and are able to run really fast or fight really hard. The same source of strength that has allowed mothers to lift cars off of their children trapped underneath. 

Example 2

You’ll develop a keen sense of empathy, being able to understand why other people act a certain way, and are better able to handle the situation with respect and benevolence. All while keeping yourself and your emotions in control.

Example 3

You’ll be more aware of other’s motivations, looking at things with a discerning eye. You’ll trust in yourself and be far less likely to fall victim to scams or misinformation. If you are fully in control of where your attention is, that means that someone else doesn’t own or control your attention. This is an important distinction. Who currently has your attention? Facebook? Twitter? The News? Apple? Tesla? Your friends? What are they doing with your attention, and why do they want it?

Example 4

You had a bad day at work, you get home feeling tired and you just want to sit on the couch. You sometimes feel like going into your car and screaming. It’s ok to let it out, but channel it for something positive. You take that energy and yell “I’M FINALLY GOING TO DO MY TAXES RIGHT NOW”, “I’LL CLEAN OUT THE GARAGE”. It sounds a bit absurd, but anger and frustration can be effectively channeled this way. I’ve done it many times.

Try SparX and discover what you’re made of

You’re stronger than you think, both mentally and physically. You just have to know where to look and how to unlock it.

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