I created SparXSM based on the experiences and benefits I’ve had training in martial arts over two decades. Certainly, any martial arts student would greatly benefit from this elite fitness program. It covers punching and kicking, blocking, breathing, balance, stability, intensity, strength, speed, power, energy etc. It’s a fantastic ‘add-on’ to any martial artist’s training regimen.

SparX isn’t only for martial artists. In fact, I believe that it has the potential for a massive benefit in a number of different contexts as well.

When you combine martial arts techniques meant to cultivate and develop energy and power with mindfulness and breathing exercises, it acts to connect the body and mind together in powerful ways. There’s no magic here – just an ancient approach that can be repurposed for today. Hundreds of years ago the primary concern of the average person was war and hand to hand combat. Today, we are often fighting stress, anxiety, depression, hatred, fear, judgement, ignorance and inequality.

Register for the very first SparX elite fitness program demonstration on September 13 and 20, in collaboration with CMAC Dapo

SparX is ideal for:

  1. Athletic and sports training – whether at the recreational or professional level, athletes must develop discipline, focus, intensity, speed, power, motivation, explosiveness, grit and a strong spirit. They need to be emotionally resilient to combat performance anxiety or competitive pressure.
  2. Corporate employee development and team dynamics – a lot of issues encountered at work are due to interpersonal conflict. Workplaces are full of stress, pressure, office politics, ego, vying for position and power. SparX helps people learn to cope with conflict and emotion. Martial arts is a study of conflict, and by understanding conflict in yourself you’re better able to manage it, and be empathetic and understanding towards others as well
  3. Individuals with stress, anxiety – exercise on its own is great for combating stress, but SparX helps you develop tools and techniques you can use to not only manage stress but develop a better connection with who you are and how you feel. It gets to the root of the problem by helping to confront fear, normalize vulnerability, and develop a strong spirit.

There are millions of different exercises and fitness programs out there. SparX is something quite different from the rest – an elite fitness program that builds strong minds as well as strong bodies. Take a look and decide for yourself.