Rex sounds like a typical 10 year old. He loves Star Wars, playing video games and building with Legos. He is a fairly well-known and popular kid at school, and doesn’t have much history with bullying.

One day, a boy at school randomly tackled him in the morning, and Rex pushed him away. This boy seems to have gathered a group of boys throughout the day and planned to attack Rex later. About seven kids attacked him at recess, punching him in the face, holding him down and taking turns assaulting him. Teachers and supervisors were nowhere to be found. Rex suffered a concussion and had to stay home to recover for a couple weeks.

I created SparXSM based on the experiences and benefits I’ve had training in martial arts over two decades. Certainly, any martial arts student would greatly benefit from this elite fitness program. It covers punching and kicking, blocking, breathing, balance, stability, intensity, strength, speed, power, energy etc. It’s a fantastic ‘add-on’ to any martial artist’s training regimen.

SparX isn’t only for martial artists. In fact, I believe that it has the potential for a massive benefit in a number of different contexts as well.

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It’s not that the world needs yet ANOTHER fitness system or program. There are a lot of great ones out there for everyone. What I think the world needs is a fitness program that improves people beyond just the physical. Even beyond the typical other benefits regular exercise has to offer. I think traditional martial arts holds some of these secrets, but not a lot of people necessarily want to spend years studying martial arts philosophy (although I highly recommend it).

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